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Mvmarcz saves my ass again
May 1, 2013

JUST got back home today. Haven't had a computer or tablet or even TIME to draw since I left :( Thanks again Mvmarcz for spontaneous, awesome art. <3

I'll be out of town for 2 MORE weeks starting May 11. My huge ass test in June 3rd. Guys, I really can't guarantee solid updates until June, but I'll get them up when I can. Maybe weekly. Maybe not.

Until then I might amuse you with sad, pathetic updates of how many pages of notes I've read. I think I have about 3000 pages (8 review books) to go through. Maybe have gone through 500 pages so far, and need to go over it again, obviously. Ha. hahahahaha. KIIILLL MEEE.

So stressed out right now I have a stomach ulcer (for real. Well, probably). It has NOT been a good few weeks. Well, there was an ok weekend in there, but that's over now. Le sigh!

Surprise guest arts!
April 26, 2013

Mvmarcz is awesome and made this awesome piece of guest art for me so there would be an update today because mvmarcz is awesome.

If all has gone well, I will be on the road for a 16 hour drive home early Friday morning. Everyone, have a good weekend! Thanks for sticking around.

Arc 13 - Assumptions - Page 4
April 24, 2013

Hey guys, my trip in KC got extended a few days, there will be no comic on friday. My grandfather's service was quite beautiful, quite a tearjerker, and my grandmother's house is full of so many flowers it's a mini jungle in here. But, no tablet to work on so no comics until I get back. Thanks to those who have expressed condolences, <3, comics return next wednesday.

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