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April 18, 2013

Hey peeps, my grandfather passed away suddenly this morning, and I will be driving out from NY to Kansas early tomorrow morning to be there for my family. The buffer is set until the 24th, but I don't know if I will be able to get news posts up with it. Internet access may be iffy as I don't have a smartphone or tablet or laptop. So, please excuse my silence, I don't even know when exactly I will be back, but it should be sometime next week. <3

Signing off for now.


Arc 13 - Assumptions - Page 2
April 17, 2013

You can vote to see the next page early!

Colbey chopped her hair off screen in case you didn't get that.

And this is happening a few days before a few days after. In case that wasn't clear.

And say hello to the last two red shirts! It's super old news, but my databases got hacked or something a year or so back, and the whole forum line of red shirts got severely shortened during the reboot...because everything that was an attachment did not make it through the process. mrfatelurk and mithlycos are the last two official red shirts! Maybe I'll open that up again on the FB page for future arcs. Hope I got your likenesses ok! Height is never a thing that comes over well in a photo of half a person, heh.

I don't really have much more to say today other than that you should all check out my buddy Alex's new comic The Hues, which just reached 40 pages of awesome. Alex's description: "The Hues is a comic about a group of young women trying to survive the apocalypse, discovering along the way that they have the very powers and abilities needed to drive off the alien invasion happening all around them. "

Apocalyptic tough girls drive off alien invasion? I'm in. Hope you are too! Check it out.

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