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Raffle Drawing
April 10, 2013

I'm getting the stream up about 15min early, anyone who wants to jump in is welcome. At times like this I am more than happy to play the ask a question, any question game.
Arc 13 - Assumptions - Cover
April 10, 2013

Hey everyoooonnneee! I'm baa-aack!

You can vote to see page 1 early!

So, thanks for sticking around during my extended break. Final exams all went well, and there's only one other huge exam on the horizon in early June I'll be taking a few weeks off for that, but updates should be pretty steady until then. Hopefully even I'll be able to get a buffer again and manage to NOT skip those weeks! Classes however, are officially over and I get to jump into my PhD research after June...FINALLY. I'm in an MD/PhD program, so I just wrapped up the first two years of the med school part. Thank goodness that lovely hell is over.

Again, a special thanks to everyone who sent in art and writing during my time off. You are all awesome and your work shall remain in the archives for an extended period in the hopes of sending more people your way! <3 <3 <3 I owe you all, big time!

The last order of business is that TONIGHT, 8PM EST I will be doing the raffle drawing for the piece of What it Takes original art. As a reminder, anyone who purchased a $5 story from the sidebar between February 18 and April 1st was entered into this drawing. I will be streaming it live on my Livestream site. The winner gets to pick the subject matter of a WiT related, ink on 11x14 bristol drawing of their choice. Anything goes pretty much! Including leaving it up to me, in which case it will likely be the sequel to this piece.

So, thank you all for the support, I hope you will enjoy this chapter! Two more red shirts on the way, bwah hah hah. They didn't make it onto the cover though, heh (because they already died).

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