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Fan fic time!
March 20, 2013

So this is the first fan fic I've ever gotten ever in my 8 some-odd years of comics and it is hella cool. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Thanks to Jess Mahler for sending it <3 It's a series of journal entries starting right around the Flip. This is also the last thing I have to put up until my return the second week of April, so if you've got something, please send it in!


1st Entry


Turns out Dr. Wolfe was right. Hope he's happy, I'm damn sure not. Got a few bits of luck. First, the world went to hell over a weekend LARP, so the crew and I were together when it went down. Second, I brought some of Peter's salad for the pre-game dinner, so most of us will survive... for now. We're going to sit tight out here. Farther from the cities, the better our chances. Courtney and Walt are arguing over whether or not their plans for surviving a zombie apocalypse apply to this mess. I don't freaking know, do you see any zombies? On second thought, don't answer that.

We're holed up in the campground's office. Power's out but I've got a few ideas for getting some juice. We're going to take turns updating this record. It's something, anyway.

1 Month After the Flip


We're still alive. If some folks around here will stop treating this like a game, we might stay that way. We've had a few people join us, mostly other geeks and LARPers who know about this place and knew we'd be here that weekend. Guess they figured we might still be here. They guessed right.

Marlin's pretty much taken over. Smart guy and not too much of an asshole, I can live with it. He and Micah got some power running to the house, We're having some real shitty problems otherwise - and I mean that literally. Courtney says she has plans for a composting toilet in her "OMG the World Is Ending" survival plans. I can't believe that nutzoid is actually going to be useful. I will never live this down.

3 Months After the Flip

Bringus Odinson:

I read through the older entries before starting to write. Noor doesn't get it. It doesn't matter if she still calls herself "Andrea" or not - the people we were are dead. We are our alter egos now. Walt is gone, except for these few days a month when I get to hide in the house and pretend the rest of the world is still out there. Walt has no place in this new world. I am Bringus Odinson, defender of my people. Strong and capable. I'm not the only one smart enough to realize the truth. Even Noor has taken up the spears of her true self, while she keeps spouting her idiocy.

Okay, "real" business - winter is going to be here soon. We're hoping it comes late. If you've read the earlier stuff, you know some of the gardening buffs made a raid on a garden supply store in town not long after the flip. I thought they were crazy but Marlin said go for it. They planted some gardens and such. Wouldn't let any of us touch most of them. They must have a real thing for potatoes, because they grew a shit-ton of them. Like forty potato plants in this giant planters, and they say each one will have like 50lbs of potatoes when they harvest it. I hope they're right, baked potatoes are gonna be real good when it gets cold.

Freaky rumors coming through from a couple of the roamers. Some guy out by the city starting his out little kingdom or something. Marlin's in a real twist about it. Whatever.

1 Year After the Flip


DaHjaj SuvwI''e' jiH. [Today I am a warrior.] The p'tahk finally ceased their cowardly ways and attacked in truth. I, Tel'peh of the House of Marlin, led the charge to repel them. 2 fell before my blade, and the others fled. The One Who Goes Veiled stood at my right hand and fought well. I honor her bravery.

One victory was not without cost. Several were wounded and Natalia was slain. Strangely, I shall miss her. She was no warrior, and a fool besides, but she laughed. It was a bright sound in a dark world. She will be interred with those who feel to disease over the dark months, but she is first to die in battle. All honor to her.

2 Years After the Flip


Can someone please tell me why we call it "the Flip." I mean, 90% of the world died, and it's just "the Flip." Wasn't that some horrid 80s hair-do or something?

Couple of the women got preggers over the winter - not me thank god! But one of them is due to pop any day now. Marlin swears he can come up with some kind of pain relief for her. Tel'Peh keeps talking about how "a true warrior does not think of pain." He's going to get a boulder shoved up his backside if he keeps it up - I might even hold him down for them.

Marlen just cut everyone down to one day a month in the house. Okay, okay, we voted on it, but is anyone really fooled? Sure as hell not me. Upside, we got a nice little town here now, Log cabins with good fireplaces (only 3 burned down before they figured out how to build a chimney right). I'm actually starting to think we are going to be okay. That's almost the scariest thing ever. Is it really safe to hope we're through the worst of it?

3 Years After the Flip


Alright, I'm going to make this quick, so I can enjoy my one day of civilization. I can actually say it: as long as we can keep Arthur out of here, we are out of the woods. We have food, shelter, weapons, even a bit of air conditioning.

It's still hell out there. The world's gone insane and it's never coming back. I don't have any illusions. We're not rebuilding civilization here. What a laugh.

Peter, you have no idea how many times I cursed you for passing out that damned spinach. How many times it seemed like it would have been better to just have died in the Flip. But I didn't, WE didn't. And we are going to survive.

Where ever you are, thank you.

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