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Arc 12 - The Hardest Virtue - Page 26
March 6, 2013

Sorry for the delay! Got home from class today and jumped on finishing the page. Decided to extend the end of the chapter by 1 page so as not to rush it like I usually do. So, last page of the arc is on Friday!

The vote incentive still hasn't changed but if you want to vote, be my guest.

Please remember that Friday will be my last update before I need to take major time off for studying. There's going to be 3 weeks of iffy updates, so I would appreciate any art you wonderful readers might send in. If I don't get any (well, I have at least one already from the wonderful mvmarcz), no biggie, it's short notice. Normal updates to resume the second week of April. Please remember I am in med school right now, and that unfortunately DOES take priority over comics. Some of the time at least!

For those who are still interested, don't forget about the newest What it Takes extra story available--Scot's "The Longest Goodbye," his entire last message to Colbey. Everyone who purchases it is entered into a raffle contest for an original piece of What it Takes artwork on 11x14 bristol board in ink--your choice on subject! Purchase any of the stories in the RIGHT sidebar -->

And actually, any purchases of the $5 stories enter you in that until April 1st. Thank you everyone who has supported the comic thus far! You are awesome, and because of you I get to do things like eat and buy gas for my car.

I also put up in the sidebar the short story that originally inspired this comic, titled Six Bullets. It doesn't feature Colbey, but instead Christie. Her backstory is a bit different, but the world is the same. It's 4,250 words, or about 13 pages double spaced. If people are interested, I can do illustrations for the story and make it a $5 purchase thingy instead.

Catch ya Friday!

March 6, 2013

Just finished a 12 hour study marathon, kind of tired. Page will be up mid day on Wednesday, apologies <3

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