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Arc 12 - The Hardest Virtue - Page 24
February 27, 2013

It's wednesday already? SHI--- I mean, blast. Fuck it, this comic is rated R and will swear if I want. Super stressed right now.

So, you can vote to see Friday's page. Arc 12 will be over next Wednesday! I'm going to keep up the W/F schedule for the first 2 weeks of March, but after that I need to take the last 2 weeks off for MAJOR INTENSE FREAKING STUDYING, so I would appreciate any art you wonderful readers might send in. If I don't get any (well, I have at least one already from the wonderful mvmarcz), no biggie, it's short notice. This is just pre-warning there won't be updates.

For those interested, I have 3 cumulative exams in Pathology, Pharmacology and Behavioral Sciences (called Shelf exams), a unit exam (the same 3 subjects) and a clinical competency exam. Back to back. AARRRRGHHHHH. PAIN.

And after that there's the STEP 1 exam...WHICH I AM NOT THINKING ABOUT.

Yes, very stressful time in med school right now.

For those who are still interested, don't forget about the newest What it Takes extra story available--Scot's "The Longest Goodbye," his entire last message to Colbey. Everyone who purchases it is entered into a raffle contest for an original piece of What it Takes artwork on 11x14 bristol board in ink--your choice on subject! Purchase any of the stories in the RIGHT sidebar -->

And actually, any purchases of the $5 stories enter you in that until April 1st. Thank you everyone who has supported the comic thus far! You are awesome, and because of you I get to do things like eat and buy gas for my car.

I also put up in the sidebar the short story that originally inspired this comic, titled Six Bullets. It doesn't feature Colbey, but instead Christie. Her backstory is a bit different, but the world is the same. It's 4,250 words, or about 13 pages double spaced. If people are interested, I can do illustrations for the story and make it a $5 purchase thingy instead.

See you Friday with the next page! I'm going to go hyperventilate into a paper bag now.

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