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WiT Monday Update
May 10, 2010

What it Takes will update this evening, which will probably normal for Monday updates this month. Had to get War of Winds up too! Phew, gonna be a juggling act for a few weeks, eh? <3
Arc 2 - Damsel in Distress - Page 8
May 10, 2010

Yay! 30 pages already! That's pretty cool, if I do say so myself. For the War of Winds...that's the better half of a year! HA! Really loving this fast, clean style, and I hope you guys are too.

Not watching your back, were ya, Colbs? Our first red shirt bites the dust pretty soon! Want to join Colbey's Red Shirt Squad (thank you Peg for that wonderful name)? She's taking auditions! Post your pic and follow the rules in the forum to die in this comic.

Peg also had an idea to make a T-shirt for red shirts. When there are enough cameos, I think that's something I'll definitely do, and send it (free!) to participants. More news on that as I gather the resources to do so. I also realized I have an extra page in the back of the book, so I might as well add credits. Hehehe.

SpiderForest comics of the week are Catalyst, What Nonsense and Sakana No Sadness! The SF Comic of the Week highlights fellow SpiderForest comics, I'm just a bit behind. Ahem, so!


By Crystal, this is a fantasy story that follows Kai', a girl who went blind when she received a mysterious "gift." In comes the army, talking foxes and the even more mysterious Elei, who takes Kai' and her brother away on a dark adventure. Highly recommended for fantasy buffs!

Sakana No Sadness

By Simon (creator of The Artiste Manquee), this is a new story about a genius shut-in who builds himself the perfect girl friend. I guess "perfect" isn't what he envisioned. :3

What Nonsense

A comic by Dranxis! A workaholic boar named Mr. Swinson gets forcefully sent on holiday to Nawncentz, a remote and strange inn whose inhabitants are even stranger! Yet, Swinson finds he fits right in. An awesome read!