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The Longest Goodbye
February 18, 2013

Here's the 3rd downloadable short story in the What it Takes universe! And there's a raffle too (read below)!

Unlike the other two stories, this one is narrated by Scot because as the title suggests, it's his goodbye and good luck message to Colbey. You guys got to read the last page in the comic here, but there was quite a bit more. And after. Kind of. See sketch previews of the first 12 pages as well as the full first page here.

This story is 16 pages long, monotone like the comic, has 1-3 panels per page, and starts almost IMMEDIATELY after the events in the Arc 5 extension. You don't need the extension to gather what's going on, but I'd bet you'd enjoy the story more.

You can use the permanent button in the sidebar at right --> or you can click below to purchase. Press the giant yellow button after payment to be FORWARDED to the story. Payment will be through paypal, but you should be able to pay with any visa or mastercard if you don't have an account with them.

So far the feedback from the other stories has been 100% positive, so I hope you equally enjoy this one.

BUT WAIT! There's more!

Everyone who purchases ANY of the 3 available stories from today until April 1st will be entered in a raffle to receive a piece of What it Takes-related original art on 11x14 bristol, in ink, to be mailed to you wherever you may live. The content of the piece is up to you, so long as it's in the What it Takes universe and isn't horribly dirty. One ticket per story is how it will work. Drawing will be live on livestream/ustream and I will announce it beforehand on the site. I will be doing the traditional "pull the name out of a hat" type draw as I've found the random number generators online to be not so random. :/

Please comment below if you bought the story and enjoyed it! It kind of lets others know it's worth the fiver. <3 Catch ya wednesday with a new page!

Also, if you are considering buying the other two stories and want to know more about them first, check here for the Arc 5 Extension, and here for the Proposal descriptions.

And oh! Gave the other half of my site a total overhaul. Check it out!

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