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Exam week
February 4, 2013

Hey all! There will be no comics this week (Feb 4th) as I will be studying my brains out for an exam on the 11th. Comics resume on the 13th. Thanks for your patience!
Arc 12 - The Hardest Virtue - Page 19
February 1, 2013

Did Bob really just call Colbs "dearie?" And she let him continue breathing? Wow. She really IS out of it.

I am super tired and have too much work to do tonight, so nothing more from me. Though, I wonder where this is going? Why would Arthur want Driftwood? Remember this line from Scot at all?

And oh, I'm redesigning my homepage. Go ahead and give it a looksie if you like, though be aware none of the links work. They're all locals.

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