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Arc 12 - The Hardest Virtue - Page 18
January 30, 2013

Well this page accidentally went up on Monday for a few minutes, sorry about that!

Today is the last comic that will reference events from the Arc 5 Extension (read teh news for details) as well as tie in the events of Arc 7 - Fortune Cookie. Ever wonder who it was that sent Scot after Colbey? Now you know! Bob just can't help it that he's a grumpy mess-up. And as for Primrose...just wait until she opens her mouth.

So in regards to not doing extra stuff to make ends (my personal, financial ends, argh) meet here at What it Takes, looks like I don't have a choice. The bill to take the USMLE Step 1 exam, a required exam to progress to the next step of my MD/PhD program, is $560 dollars. Since I make enough to survive, never to save up, doesn't matter if I don't have the time, I'll have to MAKE the time.

So, would you rather extra pages, extra content, or something else? Extra pages will be $25 each, extra content will be $5 to download. I suppose for the extra content, if a goal is met the whole thing could be make public. There are a few ideas floating around:

  • Scot's entire last message to Colbey in his journal
  • Peter's first days at The City and why he hates Snatch so much
  • How Bob and Primrose escaped from Arthur (which will be mentioned in brief in the left pages)
And I'm open to other ideas if anyone has a furious curiosity that must be tamed.

I eagerly await the day I do not live paycheck to paycheck, my peeps. I just worry that won't be for another 10 years. Catch ya Friday.

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