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Arc 12 - The Hardest Virtue - Page 17
January 25, 2013



But I wanted to get that info dump out of the way in one page rather than stretch it out. This is the second to last page that will mention events in the Arc 5 Extension (read more about that here). The outline that Bob will present is, as they say, "necessary but not sufficient." More happened for those interested.

This chapter will be talky-talky for the rest of the pages, but no worry, kickassery commences once again in Arc 13. Oh great. I should probably WRITE Arc 13...

Don't forget about the new wallpaper, you can find right here!

I only have 2 sizes up currently, but post a comment with your desired resolution and I'll make it to fit.

I will not be able to do extra pages for awhile, OR the extra downloadable story I wanted to make, at least not until late spring/early summer. However, if anyone likes the wallpaper or the comic enough to donate any amount you want, it would be much appreciated this month. Comics are how I make ends meet and quite frankly, how I afford food and gas, and when I can't put in extra time to make extra stuff, I don't make that extra money. You can use the donate button at the bottom of the sidebar at right -->

Thanks any who can, those who have already <3, and no worries for those of you who want to but are in the same situation.

See you wednesday!

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