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Arc 12 - The Hardest Virtue - Page 16
January 23, 2013

ooo, guess that hit Colbey a little hard.

Guys, they never know how to phrase things well! Or maybe just Bob.

Don't forget about the new wallpaper, you can find right here!

I only have 2 sizes up currently, but post a comment with your desired resolution and I'll make it to fit.

I will not be able to do extra pages for awhile, OR the extra downloadable story I wanted to make, at least not until late spring/early summer. However, if anyone likes the wallpaper or the comic enough to donate any amount you want, it would be much appreciated this month. Comics are how I make ends meet and quite frankly, how I afford food and gas, and when I can't put in extra time to make extra stuff, I don't make that extra money. You can use the donate button at the bottom of the sidebar at right -->

Thanks any who can, those who have already <3, and no worries for those of you who want to but are in the same situation.

See you Friday.

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