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Arc 12 - The Hardest Virtue - Page 14
January 16, 2013

Well, you guys guessed it! It's that guy with the fake eye patch and his "bitch of a deputy," as a commenter so wonderfully put it. We will soon be getting to a quick review of events that happened in the Arc 5 extension (5 dollah 5 dollah *points right*), but it will only be a quick mention.

Did you know this is my 297th WiT page? And that January 20th marks the 2nd anniversary of this comic? Almost lines up perfectly for 2 big milestones in one!

Next week I'll put up a collage of the characters so you can see how they've changed :3 I had hoped to do more than that, but allow me to express my frustration about how busy I have been over the past few weeks...

And since Wednesday is going to be basically 13 hours straight of torture, I'm off to finish homework. Stupid internet full of pictures of cats! Stop distracting me!

Catch ya Friday folks.

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