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Arc 12 - The Hardest Virtue - Page 8
December 12, 2012

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Yup, someone called it! Patience is the hardest virtue according to Colbs. How much would it suck to sit on your hands for months on account of some semi-belief that a kid who died could see the future?


Then again, it's not like Peter managed to tell her anything of use in how to find/contact him. Where would she even start to look?

As for what Marlin thinks of the last page being for him, well, you'll have to until Friday! Happy 12/12/12 btw.

The end of the semester/unit is coming soon, thank goodness, but this means some more huge exams for me. Shouldn't interrupt the comic schedule at all at only 2x/week, but just in case--be gentle. There is too much to ever learn.

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