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Arc 12 - The Hardest Virtue - Page 5
December 3, 2012

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Did you miss it over the weekend? There was a Saturday update to make up for a missed Friday. This monday update makes up for the missed Friday during thanksgiving and will be the last monday update of the year. Phew! All caught up finally.

And Marlin ain't having none of this "emotional Colbey" act. ...What a dbag. Even tough girls have their emotional days. Don't you love how it's taken Marlin 3 months to even ask?

Sorry the comments haven't been working right, not sure why. Haven't changed anything. If you want to comment on today's/most current page specifically, just click back a page and then forward. It will take you to the unique page URL.

This month marks a whole lot of exams (haha, as usual) for me, so I will be sparse. I hope to finally have time to do another side story during Christmas/new years break, but likely I will just be without a computer again and therefore unable to do comics at all. Joy.

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