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Arc 11 - The Escapist - Page 24
November 16, 2012

Welp, forgot I had a half finished news post ready to go. Sorry about that. Finished now.

Vote incentive is a sketch of the title page for the next arc.

So, an aside for this page, some background. Cholera is a nasty little critter known for causing explosive, watery diarrhea (but NOT bloody!). Cholera toxin (CTX), which Peter cloned science'd into the cauliflower genome, is expressed as part of the plant's life cycle. The cholera bug (Vibrio cholera) has no part in this. The cauliflower is not infected with cholera bacteria or something.

Anthrax toxin can be even worse than Cholera, though the gastrointestinal form isn't nearly as bad as the respiratory form, you'd get severe bloody diarrhea, sores, vomiting, etc.

Also, continuity issue, aware of it, this message is all caps and the previous page had lowercase. Will fix later.

Also, science issue, CTX is not heat stable, so technically Peter would have to use Enterotoxin, but, hmm, the play on words just wouldn't have worked for that. Choleraflower! Enteroflower? ...nah.

Lastly, the formula for rehydration is the Oral Rehydration Formula developed to save lives inexpensively in cholera outbreaks in developing nations (where intravenous rehydration may not be possible. So they needed something quick and inexpensive for patients to drink). When someone is losing their bodily fluids, you can't just give them water, it doesn't work. They must be given a solution containing the other stuff they are losing--salts and sugar. I could bore you with the details, or you could read it yourself. Might save your life one day!

That's all from me, tune in monday for the cover to the next arc!

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