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Arc 11 - The Escapist - Page 22
November 12, 2012

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Hope you enjoyed Friday's explosive diarrhea page! I got back in town on Saturday night from the black hole that is NYC much too tired to reply to comments, but let me say, O the puns! Nice job, people. Got to say, when I started scripting this story in 2009, I did NOT imagine drawing such a page. I think you have med school to thank for that!

We are $15 away from that last extra monday update in November, on the 26th! EDIT: We reached the goal! /EDIT I will add it when I have a moment into the sidebar itself, but if you are using a device that does not display flash, you probably haven't understood a think I said about the chipin! A direct link can be found here. Any extra contributions will go toward either a wallpaper or roll over into next month.

There are only 2 more pages left in this arc, and then we're back to Colbey. I am still exhausted from my trip, so I'm going to bed at 9pm. YOLO? Heh. Enjoy! The writing the on the white board will be shown on the LAST PAGE of the arc, so be sure to either vote on Wednesday or come back on Friday ;)

Happy Monday, folks!

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