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Arc 2 - Damsel in Distress - Page 5
May 5, 2010

A thunderstorm is a-brewing in these parts, so I must be quick!

Sorry for the spotty updates! I had my last final of the semester at 1pm today, and I'm pretty sure I kicked ass. Got home, started What it Takes immediately. There will be another update tomorrow, and EVERY MONDAY THIS MONTH. A very kind person paid up for all you, so that's a 3x weekly schedule. I missed this past Monday due to being out of town at Penguicon, so I'll make it up tomorrow.

What it Takes issue 1 is now for sale! I'll have it up on the store page later, but you can use this PayPal link to buy it until then. It is $6! $5 for the book, and $1 shipping (if you do not live in the States, it will be probably about $3-4. Have to check. Please email before purchasing!). The two people who paid for extra WiT pages will be getting one in the mail. Will send them out this weekend, whether you want it or not! <3 They turned out beautifully, and sold quite well at Penguicon! I'll have a con report up later tonight tomorrow.

Buy What it Takes Issue 1: My Life Sucks! 22 Pages with color cover:

And as for Colbey leaving her little shelter there, it may not seem like a good option at first glance, but personally, I think getting pinned there would be worse...if whomever is there knows where she is, of course!

Come back tomorrow for the next page!