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Arc 11 - The Escapist - Page 19
November 5, 2012

Thanks to all the donations over the past few days, Monday updates are guaranteed up through Nov 19th, with $5 toward an update on the 26th. $25 more secures that, use the Chip-in at left to donate through paypal. My empty fridge thanks you.

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Jeez, Peter, be a bit more obvious about those nefarious plans you've got stewing, eh? And, uh, that's imitation-imitation sushi. No shrimp or fish where they are. But they at least TRY to make Peter comfortable. Also, let it be known, I hate cauliflower. I'm with Peter on this one!

Since I'm not updating The War of Winds (my other comic) at the moment, I figured I'd put this shout here for a comic called A Redtail's Dream. It's pretty awesome, been on my reading list for quite awhile and will be properly added to the links page when I have a free moment, ugh. The story follows crabby, young Hanno and his faithful sometimes-dog Ville as they navigate a dream world created by a god-like fox creature. To save his village stuck in the dream, Hanno must complete some rather annoying and crazy tasks, and each time, poor Ville gets to take another shape. Updates daily except for the occasional Sunday, full-page color graphic novel style. Good times! Check it out.

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