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Arc 11 - The Escapist - Page 18
November 2, 2012

Double Edit: 3 updates locked in! Be sure to check back on monday! You guys are awesome and because of you I will not get a late fee on one of my bills <3 There is only more update open for November, on the 25th, and $30 more will lock in that (for a total of $98 in the Chip-in). If the chip-in is not updating, please clear your cache.

EDIT: Ok, monday Nov 5th update is set, with $12 toward an update on Nov 12th. Only $18 more for 2 weeks of 3x/week What it Takes! Thanks for the support <3

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And this would be why Peter is actually semi-cooperating with the City. All those guys back in Arc 6? Peter was their lifeline. In return for his cooperation, Peter secured their continued support. But of course, where is this all leading?

The verdict on Wednesday was to roll over the extra $22 from October into an extra update in November. That means there is only $8 to go for the next update. I'm not setting a goal for Monday updates this month since interest seems to waning in pages. That's ok. But if you want them, the updates are there. Use the Chip-in at left, which works through paypal (and you can use any other card you have).

Updates still continue uninterrupted W/F, only the monday updates depend on raising extra funds...because those are extra updates.

Starting scripting the next arc since this one is getting ready to wrap up. Lots of set up, I know, but I wanted you all to have a nice look at things inside the City. The next arc is called "The Hardest Virtue" and gets right back into the thick of things with Colbey. ...and some other familiar characters. :)

Happy friday! Catch ya Monday, maybe.

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