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Arc 11 - The Escapist - Page 12
October 15, 2012

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You guys remember Becky? And yes, I see the missing period, will fix laters.

Yup, Snatch is her Aunt. Aunt Snatch, she calls her, never Aunt Ariel. Hmm, should probably add her to the cast page. It amuses me that all of these characters who pop up and have some vital importance to the story (Bob, Scot, Becky) all seem to do so accidentally. My mind is one confusing stew of ideas I guess. I just let what is supposed to happen, happen. Usually works out well.

This is the last scheduled Monday update, if you want more, there are 2 more left for October. Use the Chip-in at LEFT to donate. Every $30 is an extra update. More details below.

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