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Arc 2 - Damsel in Distress - Page 3
April 20, 2010

...especially late at night, alone in the wilderness? Sweet dreams, Colbey! Ahem.

Moving this right along. I've decided to scrap 3 pages of narrative and add 3 pages of kickassery. I don't think anyone will mind, right? No? Yeah, that's what I thought. The whole background on how Earth managed to get so royally screwed up isn't important, but it IS a question that will be answered in the comic...just 'cause you gotta. But not yet!

My special commission run is still going...and I still need more! $15 covers 1 character in full color with simple background. It's 1/2-1/3 my usual commission price! What makes it so inexpensive is that there is a minimum of back-and-forth for tweaking, meaning, you get one shot to ask for changes after I email it to you. If you're interested, please be sure to send a detailed description, eh? :P There are 3 currently in the queue. I have finals and term papers starting next week however, so there may be some delay in completion, but nothing too long. Email to reserve your spot or ask questions. Payment is expected AFTER completion, but not more than 1 week after.

Some people have tried to send me donations through Paypal WHICH I HAVE IMMEDIATELY REFUNDED. Thank you so much for the thought, guys, but I do not accept donations. I will gladly work for my money, however. If you don't have anything you want me to draw for you, but DO enjoy this comic, I've installed a Chipin widget to the left. Every $15 gets an extra What it Takes page on Mondays starting in May. Each strip takes as long as a commission, so it's the same amount of work. You can pay me to make more comics, but you're not allowed to donate <3.

Issue 1 of this comic will soon be in print as well, and will be for sale for about $5 bucks. More details as they come.