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Guest Art Part IV
September 7, 2012

Our final piece of guest art was awesomely provided by none other than Lucy Lyall, creator of Spare Keys for Strange Doors, my favorite urban supernatural/fantasy comic online! Lyall is also the creator of the long running fantasy comic Kaspall, which I think has been going on since 2004! Spare Keys follows a pair of supernatural specialists, Toby and Marion, who handle cases either the police can't (or won't) understand, or just the plain ol' creepy. Beautiful art accompanies the funny, sometimes grisly tales!

Amazing comics, the both of them! And both of them now here on SpiderForest too.

I'm halfway through scripting the next arc of What it Takes, pages should start next Wednesday, miiiiight push it off until Friday since I will be out of town this weekend.

Happy Friday!

Guest Art Part III
September 5, 2012

Whoops! Thought I had uploaded this!

Here's the second installment of guest art from Mark F! <3

So I had my first unit exam of the semester yesterday (Microbio/immuno, Pathology, Pharmacology and Evidence Based Medicine), wasn't too bad actually. Granted I started studying for it a lot earlier than usual since all my comics were on hold :P

I SHOULD be returning to action next week, with one more piece of art set to go up this Friday. Updates however will likely switch from Wed/Fri to Tues/Thurs since I have an annoying class M/W/F that requires me to do a bunch of stuff the night before...which inconveniences me when I want to draw comics.

More news on what will be happening next week. Ta, folks!

Guest Art Continues!
August 31, 2012

Today filling in while I panic over next Tuesday's exam, we have these abstract pieces from Mark F! There are quite a few Marks who read this comic AND comment, so I figured I'd specify which of you. Thanks Mark!

Golly, now I feel like I need to name a character "Mark" just so's I can get MORE confuzzled.

Three more pieces from Mark go up on next Wednesday, and hopefully by that time, with the exam over, I'll be pounding out that extra story about Scot. I'm also well into scripting Arc 11 (The Escapist, how's that for subtle?), so hopefully that bodes well for getting a sketch buffer going again.

Right now with how much I've been studying though, I really have no clue if I'm going to be able to offer extra updates like I did last year. Second year is so far is a bit packed. As usual, I will play it by ear.

Thanks again, Mark!

Posthumous Braggert
August 29, 2012

First up in the 2 weeks of guest art, we have this fantastic piece from Eleanor! Here's her DevART.

Well Scot 'ol buddy, you certainly earned those bragging rights! And you went out with a bang. I will miss you!

Still kicking around the idea of the side-story involving Scot. Will be one of those $5 downloable item thingies.

Thank you Eleanor for an awesome closing scene for Scot, and once again for everyone else, here's her DevART! I am pretty sure this is now canon.

As for me, school has been exceptionally busy. Getting behind like I did means that for the past week I have been spending many hours a day studying. And of course with a certain class MWF with some stringent reading requirements, I have had NO time to draw, script or write.

Verily, I am exhausted, and the exam is next Tuesday. Hopefully that will give me enough time to get a few pages up/done/buffered by the time I'm supposed to be back.

So tired. And giving blood tomorrow. Probably not a good idea. Argleblarg.

Arc 10 - Underhanded - Page 45
August 24, 2012

There ya go!

The end of Arc 10!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! And I hope you can tell from Peter's expression here that ain't nobody think they're out of the game. Actually, they're just getting warmed up.

BUT! This is now the start of my 2-week break, which could not come at a better time. I spent a good 8 hours studying today and I have so much to catch up on, with an exam the day after Labor Day (first Tuesday in September). So, yeah, I have Labor Day as "a day off" hahaha bastards. Ermagherd ser merch sterdying!

Starting next Wednesday, guest art goes up! We've got some WiT related stuff and a bunch of non-related but still cool stuff. If you've got some art you'd like to send in for my break please do! My email is at the bottom of the page.

And don't forget the cast and archive pages updated.

As for the current thoughts on Dr. Snatch's motives, I am forcing myself to stay out of it. I've got an Extra planned that will detail Peter's first days at the SIT-E, and how he met Snatch. And why they have this extra thang going on. Heh.

But first up will be a Scot tribute! I hope to get that up for sale mid-september, because I am currently dirt-poor and there are so many bills *cries*

On the flip side, hey, my little comic makes money. I should be happy about that. So thank you guys SO MUCH for reading and supporting me! Maybe one day I'll do a kickstarter and get Arcs 1-10 printed up in a volume. Now that'd be cool.

Happy friday!