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Arc 10 - Underhanded - Page 43
August 17, 2012

I am out of town this week!

The very first week of the second year of med school, in fact.

So, I will not be around to update vote incentives or even sketch the next pages! But never fear! Comics are loaded and will go up in time. Enjoy!

That's a very half-hearted "fuck-off," Colbs. Think Noor's right, eh? Yeah.

Don't forget the archive and red shirt page have updated! Included a bio on Arthur. ...with some liberties. Heh.

If you guys have arts for me to put up in 2ish weeks when I take a short break, that would be much appreciated. Some has already come in, but feel free to keep it coming! Click back 2 pages and read the news to get the full scoop on that.

Thanks for reading!

Also, since when has this site been borked in IE? Dammit I haven't changed anything in the stylesheet since I built the damn thing and it sure as heck worked then! Fix it later.