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Arc 10 - Underhanded - Page 40
August 8, 2012

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Our last cameo of the first half of What it Takes is the get away driver (ATVs are the vehicles of the choice in the apocalypse, dontchaknow), and that is LtcKai! But don't worry, LtcKai, I know you know how to shoot a gun better than that. ;) As for our last two surviving red shirts, I have NOT forgotten about you! Your life is short.

After the end of this arc, I'm going to need to take 2 weeks off to recuperate, would love some art to put up in the meantime. Send it to! Probably in about 2 weeks is when art would start going up. With gratuitous links to any of your work (or sponsor someone else's work, I don't care! It's all good.)

When I come back from that break, I will be offering extra pages again! But here's the kicker--it will no longer be at the previous rate of $20/page. Basically I need to make $250/month from this comic to make ends meet. Ends like food. Gas. Vet visits. Ad revenue has totally sucked for months now, so for a 4x/week update schedule (I dare not try for more during classes), I've got to raise $200/month, as ads generally make about $50/month. You guys do that, I do more pages. However, that's a bit more pricey at about $25 page, and I know people will find that unfair. I can't really do anything about that though other than keep the entire comic maxed at 2x/week and once again open up commissions, which I don't want to do, since they require waaaaaay more time.

If raising that each month is not successful, or too unfair, maybe I could alternate each month with extra updates and a downloable extra comic, which make about the same. I don't know, brainstorming here! But somehow I need to make that much a month, it's pretty important. Fridge is getting empty again, as is the dog food bin.

Ugh, to bed. Tired again tonight and not looking forward to the start of the second year of med school next monday. Grr.