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Arc 10 - Underhanded - Page 38
August 1, 2012

It's a new month, so vote to see a sketch of the next page!

Ok, so this page and the next were like really hard for me to draw. I like Scot too! I'm deciding whether or not I want to do a downloadable story like "The Proposal" or the Arc 5 Extension that explores Scot a bit more, but I'm not sure.

Comic of the Week is Malaak, by Cedarseed! A great twist on the superhero genre, Malaak is a superheroine with a believable costume and kick-ass skills. She is a Guardian, sent by the land of Lebanon itself, and she is desperately trying to end a war between Jinn/demons and humans. It's a great read and highly recommended.

After the end of this arc, I'm going to need to take 2 weeks off to recuperate, would love some art to put up in the meantime. Send it to! Probably in about 3 weeks is when art would start going up. With gratuitous links to any of your work (or sponsor someone else's work, I don't care! It's all good.)

Thanks for reading! 6 more pages left in this arc.