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Arc 10 - Underhanded - Page 32
July 11, 2012

Vote to see a piece of a mock-up movie poster I made for my brother's bday. I cut out the credits and their names, but it's based on the Bad Boys II movie poster. My bro is currently serving in Afghanistan right now, perhaps not the best locale for birthday gift-giving...

Comic of the Week this week is The Cyantian Chronicles! I've been a fan of Tiff Ross' Alien Dice (first webcomic I was ever introduced to!) for many, many years. Cyantian Chronicles follows the highly intelligent Cyantians, sentient and often bi-pedal wolves, raccoons, foxes, etc. I'd recommend you start with the story Darius, about a young wolf named Darius and his friends who get kid(cub?)-napped by the powerful mastermind Rama, who wants their special genetic talents.

Also, and I've been remiss in announcing this, July 1-24th is admission season here at SpiderForest, the place and community all my comics are a part of. I love it here and have been here for 5+ years now. Two times a year we accept applications for new members. You get to join an awesome community of like-minded comic creators who are interested in making great comics, sharing experience, starting new projects, and sharing the love. Details about SpiderForest here, and details about applying here.

In WIT-related news, this month will be Wed/Fri updates only, not going to offer the extra monday updates. I need to reclaim my sanity, sorry!

And really, Scot? I would think following Arthur's footsteps may be the safest path anyway.