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Updates this week
July 9, 2012

Wednesday/Friday updates this week. Got back from my trip bruised, battered and mostly victorious. Optional Monday updates return next week.
Arc 10 - Underhanded - Page 31
June 29, 2012

What, did you think Colbey was in the right state of mind after what just went down? Ha.

Ok, listen up! I am going backpacking next week! There will be no updates, NONE, Monday, Wednesday OR Friday. I'm kinda miffed I'm leaving off with this particular page, and I would have liked to have my buffer back by this time, but just not possible. But I've been looking forward to this trip for months now, so I'm going without regrets and I will be back! This is also why I haven't put up an "Extra pages for July" Chip-in up yet. That will likely return when I get back.

You can vote to see a sketch dump (of both my comics) with a SPOILER for how this arc ends. SPOILER WARNING OK?? For What it Takes. Just a bunch of random War of Winds sketches in there too.

And say goodbye to our first Red Shirts of this scene, Arthur's personal bodyguard human shield, Browniemuffin, and long-time Red Shirt Caveman! I had to pass by a bunch of you Red Shirts in line since it appears when I reinstalled the forums, attachments did not come along. Anyone who ATTACHED a photo for their spot as a Red Shirt can free to edit that to reclaim your spot in line.

Comic of the Week today is SPINE! While Cihan's comic has the genre in common with What it Takes, his story is much darker, more gritty, more close to home perhaps. The enigmatic and kickass lead Spine is on a mission to recover something called the Sundrive, a device that may be able to power a post-apocalyptic world. Except everyone else is after it too, especially "Z," a ruthless and sadistic "High Priest" of an elite military branch called the White Knives. Readers of this comic will probably like Spine too! Remember though, some is NSFW!