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Arc 10 - Underhanded - Page 30
June 27, 2012

And this is where her plan hits the fan. Well, you know what else hits the fan...

Vote incentive today is a SKETCH of the next page.

Comic of the Week today is SPINE! While Cihan's comic has the genre in common with What it Takes, his story is much darker, more gritty, more close to home perhaps. The enigmatic and kickass lead Spine is on a mission to recover something called the Sundrive, a device that may be able to power a post-apocalyptic world. Except everyone else is after it too, especially "Z," a ruthless and sadistic "High Priest" of an elite military branch called the White Knives. Readers of this comic will probably like Spine too! Remember though, some is NSFW!

Today's page: Nothing pisses off Scrotumsack more than being interrupted. Also, I find it hilarious that Arthur makes his personal goon dress in button down, collared shirts because yes, even in the apocalypse, he is that big of a jerkface-boss. Appearance matters!