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Arc 10 - Underhanded - Page 28
June 22, 2012

Well I suck. This week has been so crazy I forgot to upload the comic in advance AGAIN. But you know it was done since it was a vote incentive!

Vote incentive today is a SKETCH of the next page. Next monday, June 25th will now have an update, so be sure to check back!

Comic of the Week is Riven Sol!Science fiction romance meets Lovecraftian horror! Something is wrong on Danforth Research Station. Orphaned children disappear from the slum-like “lowers,” while fearsome masked guards prowl the corridors. Death lurks around every corner, waiting to swallow the unwary. When a mysterious girl named Carter comes to Danforth, it’s up to a boy known only as “Silence” to teach her to survive. But Carter has secrets of her own, and the horror within may be far greater than the horror without. Go straight to page one here.