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Arc 2 - Damsel in Distress - Page 1
April 14, 2010

And we continue this week, barely. I'm glad this was scripted as a single panel, because there was no way in hell it'd be up on time otherwise. Perhaps I should not admit to such things...ahem.

So, who wants to bet Colbey is the "Damsel" in this storyline? Ok. Now who wants to beg AGAINST those idiots? Very good. We're learning. This arc is where the story earns it's R rating for violence. Yay. Whee. *GLEE* Perhaps I should not admit to these things either! By the way, this is still the same day as the ending of the previous arc. Not much time has passed, just boring terrain.

$15 commission deal is still going! It's going so well, I may do this indefinitely. It's so much less work than my higher priced commissions, and is completed WAY faster. $15 covers any 1 character in full color with simple background. If interested, please gimme an email at Examples up in my DevART account.

What it Takes Arc 1 will also be in print pretty soon! I just finished a cover mock-up and got all the pages ready tonight. Hopefully, the printing will be done in time for Penguicon at the end of this month. I am very excited. Any left-overs will be for sale here, though this story is new enough I really doubt any readers will want a copy yet! I'll probably print 5 issues separately and then get it all done together in one bigger book. Exciting. Whee. *GLEE*

SpiderForest comics of the week (from 2 weeks ago, I am a horrible person) are Planes of Eldlor and Fuzznuts!

Planes of Eldlor

This wonderful new addition to SF this past December is an awesome comic by Nightlyre and Leezard! A Rift has opened between the earth realm and the demon realm, and the dragons need help to fix it. Totally awesome art, writing and follow through. A must-read for any fantasy fan!


This strip is a hilarious piece of comicdom, by Chris Wall and co-writer, DJ. Two squirrels have diabolical adventures, including zombies, hobos and yes, THE DEVIL. Go and read!