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Arc 10 - Underhanded - Page 25
June 15, 2012

Vote incentive today is a SKETCH of the next page. Both June 18th and June 25th will now have extra monday updates, so be sure to check back!

Please note, this comic does not condone beat-downs on anyone, and especially not men taking advantage of women, but as un-PC as it is, Snitch had it coming a good long time. This latest stunt of hers was that Straw.

And please don't ask where all those wires on the floor were on the previous pages...they just spontaneously generated. I'm allowed to do that because I am exhausted. First real week in the lab, jumping right back into cell culture and assays and OMG THE EXCEL SPREAD SHEETS.

Comic of the Week this week is Willow's Grove! This comic has a nice size archive that is fast and fun reading! The basic storyline is, after being kidnapped by aliens to serve as slaves, Max and Bob escape, hijack an old ship, make constant pop-culture references, and try to get home. But first, they want revenge on the Nexus, the organization that kidnapped them in the first place. Start from this storyline and see if you like it!

Have a good weekend! Sometime in there despite being away on Saturday I'm supposed to get Monday's page done. AHHHHHH (But it WILL be because You paid for it).