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No Page June 11
June 11, 2012

Hey all! I know you all have grown used to the monday updates, but as of 1am EST, we've not met the goal of $20 for a monday page. Right now we're $10/20, so no update today. Please remember the regular schedule for this comic is Wed/Fri, and any Monday+ updates are reader-funded. Come back on Wednesday for the next update! The $10 currently in the pot now goes toward next monday (18th).

EDIT: Next Monday's update is now set, along with $10 toward the 25th. The meter is $10 off since ten bucks from LAST month is adding on to the total.

Arc 10 - Underhanded - Page 23
June 8, 2012

Vote to see the next page early! This may answer a few questions... (Xanthine, I'm looking at you).

All readers for Snatch suddenly dying of heart attack, say aye! *chorus of ayes echoes through the 'nets...*

We're $10/$20 for a monday update next week (the 11th)! As a reminder, this comic updates regularly wednesday and friday, anything more is reader-funded since my life is crazy. For those of you who were unaware, I just finished my first year of med school. Ug! And no, I don't really get a vacation, now I start my second research rotation in the lab!

The SpiderForest comic of the week is Sunset Grill, by Kat Feete. Here's her blurb: "Gangsters. Mercenaries. Public defenders. Ordinary people struggling to survive in an extraordinary future. They all have one thing in common: they all drink beer."

Personally, I would call this comic The Drew Carey Show meets The Sopranos. I am entirely unsure how Kat is able to script such wonderful humor into such a gritty tale. It is flipping amazing. I don't think I've ever read such a WELL-WRITTEN comic. Now, I'm told many readers are not fond of the 3D posing used in, well, 3D comics. I'm-a gonna tell you that you ought to get over that right now, because this comic is worth it. Besides, Kat's characters, settings and props are so well rendered I'd put it on par with most hand-illustrated comics any day! So go and read it.