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Arc 10 - Underhanded - Page 19
May 30, 2012

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Everyone, please say goodbye to faithful red shirt Mark, who was just exploded by a landmine/IED/BOOM. I apologize if the likeness in the latest pages wasn't all that perfect...the attachments posted on the forum didn't make it when I reinstalled it. Fuuu---

Caveman, you're next!

This is also the last scheduled update for May! Any extra updates are going to have to wait until June. We're $10/20 for the next, and while I'd love to say I could get it out tomorrow if someone wanted to send that last $10 my way, with this exam on Friday, it's just not happening. Last exam of the first year of med school. Uuugggghhhh. And of course I'm coming down with a cold or something. Woke up this morning and my eyes were all swollen and I had a sore throat. I have no idea about the eyes. Just a general WTF. Perhaps some physical manifestation of stress.


The SpiderForest comic of the week is LeyLines, by Robin Dempsey (ALSO the creator of Shades of Grey)! Ever since this comic started it's been on my must-read list, and it's now updating MWF too! Here's the story synopsis: "Three siblings from a broken family are caught in the conspiracy that claimed their mother's life. To save their family and nation, they seek out ancient gods for answers -- but the gods give nothing for free. "

Jump to the first page here! (work safe) There are living dreams, strange gods, and such a rich, rich fantasy world. Highly recommended!