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Arc 10 - Underhanded - Page 6
May 7, 2012

Vote to see the next page early!

We reached the goal for a Tuesday update this week, so come back tomorrow for a new page! (And new vote incentive).

On the Cristina Penescu front, she's asked for a deadline extension to today (Monday), and I'm ok with that. I'm just glad she's now staying in contact with me. Will let everyone know when the piece is in hand. Also, she called you "goons." I choose to consider that a term of endearment.

I know this part of the storyline is moving a bit fast, hopefully not too fast. I never enjoyed the "traveling without much happening" aspect of stories, but I hate it even more when the writer just SKIPS the whole trek, starting at the destination. Faster, sure. But the journey is important! I'm just going through it a bit fast. Besides, we haven't been in Colbs' head for awhile.

This past Sunday I was invited to be a guest on the Webcast Beacon Podcast, hosted by Fesworks, Coelasquid and Mark Savary, with co-guest Tom Brazelton. The edited version isn't up yet, but the show was entitled "Ending your Webcomic." No worries, What it Takes is far from over. It'll be half done at the end of Arc 10. I'll link the interview when it's up!

And speaking of Arc 10! More extra pages are available! $20/page, starting to fill up tuesdays! There's 3 more spots open for this month, and if we reach that, I start adding on Thursdays! As always, thanks so much for your support of me/this comic/Colbey and Peter's lives, etc. Without you guys, I freely admit I'd be in some hot water. Every month, somehow I manage to pay all my bills, and without this comic it would not be even near possible. So, thanks <3