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Arc 10 - Underhanded - Page 4
May 2, 2012

EDIT: New update on Cristina Penescu! She has sent me a picture of the piece in progress, we can all stop the internet drama now. If you wish, can you now switch the focus to once again telling her how great of an artist she is. The deadline I gave her for May 5th shipping still stands, so hold fast, my comrades. Grr!

Miss it yesterday? Added an extra What it Takes update just because you guys are awesome for helping me with this whole internet drama thing.

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SO here's the latest on the Cristina Penescu saga (the person who owes me either $100 or a finished commission):

I haven't heard from her since Monday night. She hasn't responded to two emails since then. She has since however erased her latest journal entries on her DevART as well as been hiding all the comments you lovely people have been leaving.

I have sent her a paypal invoice for $100 without response. I gave her a deadline of May 5th for either the refund or the piece to be SHIPPED to me. I will not believe the piece has been shipped until she gives me a tracking number, and I will not finish paying her until the piece is in-hand. She also has not even sent me a picture of the piece in progress as I have asked, which I would think would be a simple matter, ESPECIALLY if she had been trying contact ME about the piece as she has claimed. Forwarding? Hello?

EDIT: took out the tumblr link. Hopefully the piece will be in hand by next week.

Feel free to spread the word as well through retweets or reblogs, etc, but please do not YET post about this on your own sites. I won't ask anyone to do that until after May 5th in case she comes through. Ideally, everyone should be able to stop reminding her of how she should be a decent human being her mess if/when this business transaction is completed, and if news spreads so far, people will continue even when this is [hopefully] resolved.

And there, my internet friends, is your daily dose of drama. Remember, dangerous in high quantities, addicting in small doses. Argh.