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Arc 10 - Underhanded - Page 4
May 1, 2012

EDIT (May 2): New update on Cristina Penescu! She has sent me a picture of the piece in progress, we can all stop the internet drama now. If you wish, can you now switch the focus to once again telling her how great of an artist she is.

I decided to update spontaneously today because you guys are all awesome.

Vote to see the next page early.

Did you miss all the drama yesterday? Long story short, I paid $100 up front (out of $185, m'bad) to get this totally stellar artist on DevART to do a portrait of my dog. Well TEN MONTHS LATER she's refusing to respond to any of my messages. I got fed up, and asked you guys to help me get her attention. And you did! She's finally gotten back into contact with me. Keep up on the latest here.

I've agreed to ask you guys to stop EMAILING her on my behalf (please continue on the twitter, tumblr, facebook and especially DevART fronts) for the next 12 hours. She has until 5:45am EST Tuesday May 1 to just send me a picture of the commission in progress, or I ask you guys to continue the campaign. Still no email from her with even a photo of the piece (as of 2PM EST). Do continue to email her again, but please remember to be polite! Read yesterday's news to find other ways to help.

I've given her until May 5th to either have it in the mail or send me a refund. We'll see what happens.

Again, I'd like to thank you for your help, because I'm pretty damn sure she'd have never answered my email otherwise, all of her current excuses ("not visiting DA as often as you think," bouncing emails, life is busy, etc etc) not withstanding. My bullshit-O-meter is off the chart right now. Also thank you for sending non-threatening, politely worded emails/messages too.

You can go back one update or read here for the full story. Updates as soon as I've got them!