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Arc 10 - Underhanded - Page 2
April 30, 2012

Vote to see the next page early! Also, only $10 into the extra page pot (below) means 4 updates this week, the next one TOMORROW. Updates MWF for the entire month are all set, now it's just a matter of fitting any tuesday/thursdays you want in there.

One final shot at the Cabal-Scot story, and we're leaping back into the chase. If you missed it, my comic compatriot Denise "Darwin" Randall was confused for the longest time that Scot was not indeed a long-running cameo of her character, Cabal, from The Only Half Saga. And she was confused with good reason! I based Scot's design on Harry Dresden (from Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files), which is extremely similar in some regards to my favorite dhampir. So, in good-natured fun, here's both an apology and a cameo of Cabal, teaching Scot how to kill vampires. Because heck, Marlin's gang IS a bunch of LARPers.

In regards to the distance Marlin is talking about in this strip, the last time we saw, Colbey and Scot had only gone about 50 miles out of the 150ish they needed to go. Just assume here that Marlin's HQ is midway between where they were and where they are.

As for the ATVs, I had a discussion on my livestream about this. A) if gasoline is properly stored, yes it could last long enough to still be used as fuel, and B) not all technology is completely busted, mostly it's a lack of power/fuel that limits survivors. But yes, the great majority of electronics was wiped out. How? We'll get to that eventually. We've touched on it a BIT...I'm betting some of you have your own theories.

SpiderForest is taking a week off from our Comic of the Week feature, but since I only managed to half-ass my recommendation of Chirault 2 weeks ago due to travel/stress, I figured I'd just let you all know about that comic again. Chirault!

Chirault is the story of Kiran, a demon hunter who is a demon himself. He is accompanied by the hyper, lovable Teeko, a young girl-demon who was accidentally shrunken to tiny-tiny size. Kiran is the only demon who is also a demon hunter, and he has to put up with idiots who distrust him while at the same time not being killed by the forces he hunts. He's a nice guy! Just 'cause he's got a crown of horns and goes insane around certain magic doesn't make him a bad guy! Check it out, I've been a fan for quite awhile now.

Regarding extra pages next month, I didn't really expect to real the goal THIS early, but there are a few readers out there who really freakin' rock. MWF updates all of May, guaranteed!! More if you guys want them. I'm fine with going UP TO 5x a week. Use the Chip-in below (through paypal) to put in the Extra Page Pot!

How it works: Every $20 "unlocks" an update in May. We'll start with Monday updates, and move to open days if the meter hits more than $80. Updates for April of course continue M/W/F until the end of the month regardless of any amount raised, since The Proposal funds covered the entire month.

A few people are using the donation BUTTON in the right sidebar, I'm unsure if that's because they just want to GIVE and not ask for extra pages (whoo, awesome!) or because they have Flash/java disabled and can't see the chip-in in their browser. If it's the latter, and you wanted those funds to go toward extra pages next month, PLEASE! Let me know.