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Arc 10 - Underhanded - Cover
April 25, 2012

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Does this look familiar? It should! I've been brainstorming this chapter for quite some time.

So, Colbs get some new clothes! Finally (though she will always retain her vest-thing. It's just her. What can I say?). When I see characters in comics get new clothes or weapons, I always feel like I'm playing Secret of Mana, and my character just got the Fire Orb or something. Way to go! Time to make a new sword! Or, I traveled a long way between cities, and I have SO MUCH GP SAVED UP, time for some new duds!

I guess what I'm saying is, I didn't want this comic to feel that way. Colbs didn't level up...she used LEVERAGE. Heck, if someone wants to use you, you use them back. She figured she might as well get some fresh clothes out of the deal.

Moving on! The SpiderForest comic of the week is Twilight Lady! And it has nothing to do with a fangirl of that horrid Twilight series! :D

Twilight Lady is the story of an ancient, vengeful spirit known (so far) as only "the Lady." Spirits who seek revenge, justice, or simply release all come to her for help, but there's just one problem--the Lady is STUCK in someone else's body, and only has control when poor Jen is asleep. Still, she must find a way to help a young boy get justice for his murder. Check it out! I'm only describing the most recent story, there is WAY more in the archives.

Ok, didn't really expect to real the goal THIS early, but there are a few readers out there who really freakin' rock. MWF updates all of May, guaranteed!! More if you guys want them. I'm fine with going UP TO 5x a week. Use the Chip-in below (through paypal) to put in the Extra Page Pot!

How it works: Every $20 "unlocks" an update in May. We'll start with Monday updates, and move to open days if the meter hits more than $80. Updates for April of course continue M/W/F until the end of the month regardless of any amount raised, since The Proposal funds covered the entire month.