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Arc 1 - My Life Sucks - Page 21
April 7, 2010

(Toned page is up!)

There were a bunch of great answers in the comments last week, and everyone was right about what Justin did wrong. Those of you who have taken martial arts however, may be aware of the Sensei who takes pleasure in setting people up to make GREAT examples of what not to do. Justin was a victim here. The poor trusting sap!

Some people mentioned running away. DEFINITELY a better alternative. Sometimes however, you can't give people your back, and need to confuse or injure people before running. What if they have a gun? Is there time to call 911? Sometimes you really CAN'T avoid getting penned in by attackers, and you must fight hard to break out to the outside. There is no one right answer...except to do everything possible to PREVENT the need to use your self-defense knowledge. Justin should never have parked his car in a place where he'd have to walk alone, with no one about. That's a dangerous situation. And of course, all self-defense depends on context. Parking on a suburban street after dark is not the same as the Fruit Belt here in Buffalo, NY. ;)

And we have a new character mentioned by name here! I WONDER WHO HE IS AND IF HE'S MENTIONED ON THE CAST PAGE OOPS I JUST SPILLED SOME BEANS.

One last page in this arc! WHEE!

I'll mention it yet again, I'm offering a VERY special commission deal! I have a bunch of bills due, and until they're paid off, I'm doing $15 commissions. Yup, that's 1/3-1/2 off the usual price! This covers any 1 character (full color) on simple bg and/or prop. You can see five of these up at my DA as examples of what I'm offering. BUT! There isn't much a back and forth process here for tweaking like my normal commission process, so it's a wee bit wildcard! Everyone has been happy so far though! Email me at for details!

Current queue is 3 commissions, with 1 person who has prepaid for two more.

Current ETA of all commissions is <1 week.