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Arc 9 - N-STAC - Page 20
April 16, 2012

EDIT: Vote to see the next page early.

Raced home after UBcon, completely exhausted. Forced self to pound out this page for you on time.

Buffer is depleted due to the horribly busy past two weeks.

When buffer returns, vote incentives of the next page return.

Please don't forget, I AM a med student, and that is a huge time commitment. It also has a higher priority than vote incentives at this moment. Not to sound cranky or anything, but it's not like I FORGOT to update. ;) You want to know what my daily schedule looks like? Here ya go.

In the meantime, please enjoy some pics from UBcon.

EDIT 2! Con report.

UBcon was very awesome this year! Local friends Trev of Chromacorps and Mike of The Cow were there as well, and I got to meet a bunch of new artists! The last time I was at UBcon was in 2010, and artists alley was somewhat hidden in this back room, but this year it was in a primo location. The staff was absolutely amazing! They brought around refreshments a few times a day, which, when you're stuck alone behind a table for more than 8 hours day, is a LIFE SAVER. Mad props to them, can't wait to go back next year. Hoping my schedule will accommodate! Now, for some linking!

So, I spent the whole weekend just ogling Drew Baker's fanfreakingtastic art. I never buy anything at conventions, and this is the FIRST TIME. I just couldn't resist, his stuff was too good. I hope I didn't freak him out too much with my zaniness! By the end of the weekend I was running on no sleep, too much tea, and wanted nothing more than a dark, quiet room in which to curl into the fetal position and rock myself into oblivion.

Next to Drew was Sarah Wilkinson! She was a guest artist at UBcon who brought a lot of her original art (covers, Star Wars) with her. We had a hilarious conversation about a cover she made for Coven, haha! Anyway, she was totally cool, go buy her stuff.

On the hobbyist side, you guys should totally go check out Holy Order Reign. I must have listened to Erich's pitch a thousand times over this weekend, I am amazed he still has a voice. The day before the con, the fed ex truck RAN OVER their box of comics, so they had to wing it the entire weekend with promo material. Talk about the stuff nightmares are made of! But you guys should make it up to them by checking out their work.

Matt Hawley and DerFauxRitter were my table neighbors, both of whom have DevART accounts.

Special shout out to Tom of Eco Scents/Geek Reek for agreeing to an awesome trade! He and his wife make organic, soy-based candles (and anyone looking to fundraise for events should check them out! They have great deals and awesome products), and Tom was nice enough to agree to a trade of a candle for comics! I am currently burning a very delicious Elven Liqueur. They had BEER SCENTED candles guys. Just wow.

I got to meet The Nostalgia Critic/Doug Walker too! And insult him twice in ten seconds, I swear. Must be a personal record. Some days I should not be allowed to talk to anyone, ESPECIALLY the final day of a convention when my introverted personality IS FREAKING THE HELL OUT from talking to so many people. But he was a chill guy, really reserved. I guess from his videos I expected this over-the-top loud annoying dude. He was anything but! (dammit Kez, can you STOP with the backhanded compliments? Uggghhh).

Coelasquid from Manly Guys Doing Manly Things was supposed to have been there, but I never saw her! Or if I did, I just have no idea what she looks like, so I never had a chance to fawn. Le sigh. I also gave away way more merchandise than I should have (but I hope you all like it!) I met a few What it Takes and War of Winds readers, so that was awesome. I have a habit of shoving things into readers' hands for being awesome. This year I also was handing out free sketches/doodles drawn during class. AND THEN I gave some original art to Karen and Shelby, the con wranglers for the artist alley in charge of guarding my stuff overnight. Sometimes I think I'm just so happy to not be in a classroom/lab/studying that I don't care about money, I just want to make other people happy with my stuff. TAKE ALL THE THINGS. I <3 you all.

Again, pics are up on FB, they should be public.