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Arc 9 - N-STAC - Page 18
April 11, 2012

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I admit, I would ask the same question here that Scot did, because I'm guessing you readers have figured it out by now--Colbs burns bridges with little regard.

This Friday-Sunday, I and a few of my friends will be at UBcon in Buffalo, NY! Stop on by if you're local! I will likely be offering portraits, and of course will have What it Takes for sale, as well as some prints, jewelry (made by my friend Peg) and other awesome things! :D

But since I will be at this con, AND I have a huge exam this friday, Monday's page will most likely be late. If it's not up on time, it will be up Monday night. Just giving you all warning now.

Only 5 more pages until this chapter is over! Thanks for reading, please remember to vote. I get so many new visitors from TWC it's ridiculous.

EDIT! Are you a fan of TVtropes? Well Canterrain has gone and started a page for What it Takes over there! It needs your help. If you know how to work those funky wiki-like sites, please head on over and add tropes you find in this comic. I can code a site superfast(tm) in html and css, but wiki-code confuses the hell out of me. Feel free to add any panels from the comic that you want. I'll try to get around to adding art myself, but I've got an exam and con coming up, and after that, I will likely forget. D: