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Arc 9 - N-STAC - Page 17
April 9, 2012

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So it finally comes out! Colbey screwed Arthur over completely by being a damn whistleblower. OH THOSE PEOPLE WHO DO THE RIGHT THING, UGH.

But if you were Arthur, and the best of your people left because they found out you were One Bad Dude, I think you'd hold a grudge too! Took him YEARS to build himself back up.

There's only one last infobomb to drop in this chapter, and this blasted conversation can finally end. Giant dialogue chapter, whhhyyyy. I WANTED to make it more dynamic, have them walking around the town and such, but I realized the volume of what needed to be said would result in massive wordbubbles and just cover the background up anyway. But since this arc is over in 6 more pages, we will quickly get to action, explosions, and a hopefully AWESOME climax of Volume 1!

This week's SpiderForest Comic of the Week is Keys! This comic is one of SF's hidden gems, so to speak. Nicoli isn't a slave to the internet doesn't have as large of a web-presence as some other creators here at SpiderForest, so there's not much chatter about his awesome work. Keys is the story of a warrior who lost his memory, has no idea where he came from, or where he's going, but seems to be at the center of a nation's upheaval...or least, that's my take on it! Add in some ferocious Otherkin being painted as the enemy, and damn, you got a war on your hands! Start from here, see if you like it!

Also, upstate NY locals, I will be attending UBcon THIS friday-sunday, April 13-15 in Buffalo, NY! Come on by and buy my stuff--I mean, say hi ;) Thanks for reading!