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Arc 9 - N-STAC - Page 12
March 28, 2012

Vote to view the next page early! Oh Colbey. It took you FOREVER! You so eloquently state it too. <3 A

Today's comic: Still more shoes will be dropping in this arc. I'm very excited for this part of the story to be updating 3x a week in April (other than because I'm so sick of dialogue/sitting around/could I have scripted this scene more passively?), because we also learn how Colbs screwed over Arthur! And why Arthur is such a badass. And then we get to the explosions! EDIT: And you guys who don't follow me on Twitter, Tumblr or FB may not be aware of this, but there are many sketch previews of upcoming pages on the forum! Registration there currently requires me to activate your account, so if you register, just drop me a comment.

My life: I am sick and miserable today, and barely slept yesterday, and missed my martial arts class, so I'm in a Very Bad Mood. I also don't get paid until tomorrow, so I've been living on $1 spaghetti for the past 5 days. Uggghhhh I think I'm developing scurvy. Tomorrow I can finally go shopping. YES. Oh wait, no I can't, because I have nearly 10 hours of classes! Whoo-fucking-hoo. What did I say? Very Bad Mood. Might have to find a way to duck out of class and go to the store between classes or somesuch. I hate doing that. Just wastes my gas! ARGH.

The SpiderForest comic of the week is Cetiya!

The Comic of the Week is a spotlight feature we're doing here at SpiderForest, where all participating members take one comic a week and link the cottage cheese out of it. As a collective, we don't make a big deal of making known we are SPIDERFOREST comics, and we're pretty happy with our casual link exchange at the top of the page. But admit it! The majority of you don't know what SpiderForest is, or what other comics also call the place home! Comic of the Week kinda fixes that.

So. Imagine a world not too different than our own, a few decades in the future, kinda of like the Matrix movies without the emo or overly-tight leather pants, where a kind of elite internet special forces live both a physical life and a virtual one. Not only that, but technology has progressed enough that people can buy and download magical talents. That's Cetiya. And those elite special forces are the main characters, who are roommates in a bunker, who are out to take down a crime syndicate while their dickovaboss distracts them with busywork. I suggest you start on this page and see if you like it. This one always make me choke on my tea. That may or may not be because I am programmed to sing that Vegetales song "Barbara Manatee" whenever I see the word "manatee."

In other news, Avatar: The Last Airbender fans...did you know the first two episodes of the sequel Legend of Korra are up to stream for free? I've been keeping up with the news on Tumblr and Facebook for months now. AHHH IT WAS SO GOOD! I've always been leery of sequels...but DAMN. It's going to be awesome. It IS awesome. Already.

The Proposal

There is a new BONUS COMIC STORY available for $5 purchase. It is 13 pages long, illustrated. If you go back a few updates, you can see a preview of it with more details on specifics.

Up front, I want to say that anything in these bonus comics is exactly that--a bonus! An illustrated extra! Not necessary to continue reading the story. What these stories ARE is a fleshed out, close up of events that have been mentioned in passing and will never really be part of the main story. The Arc 5 extension explains a lot more of why Scot tracked down Colbey, and what was going on in the background of Driftwood. The Proposal is the story of how Peter proposed to Colbey. And it's nothing nearly as gushy as it sounds (it's rather tragic actually...). Each of them is illustrated! They're regular size comic pages with 1-4 illustrations per page, with a bit more narration.

You can purchase it by clicking the icon in the right sidebar labeled The Proposal.