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Arc 9 - N-STAC - Page 9
March 16, 2012

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Well, comments on the last page basically mirrored my own thoughts as to the ethical or moral concerns of Peter's actions. Since the internet is supersuck here, I haven't been able to reply. It's a marathon of page refreshing just to check my email. But someone brought up the example of Edward Jenner, a physician credited with creating the first smallpox vaccine.

For those who do not know the history of Dr. Jenner, he observed that milkmaids who got cowpox on their hands did not die of small pox. So, to test his theory that the mild strain of pox (cowpox) would protect from the lethal strain (smallpox), he gave a small boy cowpox. Then he deliberately gave the child smallpox.

Now, I get it that there were no vaccines at that time (the WORD vaccine comes from Jenner's experiments; vacca=cow]), and variolation was the only alternative, but what I cannot get over was this guy GAVE A CHILD SMALLPOX. He not only infected the child with smallpox once, but multiple times thereafter to demonstrate immunologic memory. Today in the study of immunology we know how so many things can go wrong, like, for instance, if Jenner hadn't waited 10-14 days after giving the boy cowpox, the child would not have been protected.

Anyway, I remember during one interview for MD/PhD programs, I was asked to talk about my physician-scientist heroes. I don't have heroes in any field of science, so I struggled with that question. When the interviewer told me about how his hero was Jenner, I stupidly stated my opinion about how I thought Jenner was an arrogant jacktard, and if I were that boy's mother (she didn't know what Dr. Jenner was doing because he never told her), I would have murdered that SOB.

Didn't get into THAT program...*cough*

But I digress. This page has a detail in it that's pretty damn important but that I haven't stated directly. Why is "WOLFE" on the Pollenbiotech card?!

And I admit the "do push ups forever" schtick comes from personal experience. Gotta love the martial arts!

The Proposal

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Since this is getting rather long-winded, just once again let me say a big THANK YOU to everyone so far. When I first drafted this story I was kinda worried it wouldn't be received well, but the feedback I've gotten has been overwhelmingly positive. All purchases enter you in a raffle for another drawing too!

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