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Arc 9 - N-STAC - Page 6
March 7, 2012

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Once again, thank you everyone for your support in buying The Proposal. My goal was to sell 50 copies by the end of spring break, and there's only 17 13 11 more to go! If you guys make that goal by MARCH 20th, I update M/W/F for all of April. We make it past that and I start adding weeks in May. And remember that each purchase enters you in a drawing for original art! Details on that at the end of the news post because I really don't want to shove it in your face screaming BUY BUY BUY more than I already have. <3

So we learn a bit more about what Peter was working on before the End. We're getting another mention of Scrantonbach here, Colbey mentioned a pet name for him at the end of arc 8 (Scrotumsack). So are those dots connected yet? I've learned to come RIGHT OUT and say these little details in my comics now, so if you haven't caught on, that will be clarified soon.

There was also a great discussion on prions/bovine spongiform encephalopathy/mad-cow/Creutzfeldt-Jakob/Kuru in the comment section of the previous comic. I do love my science questions, so please feel free to ask if you have them! I've tried to simplify what I imagine Peter doing as much as I can, staying away from any obscure scientific terms. If I'm doing a bad job, let me know <3 For those of you not aware, I am a MD/PhD student with a Master's degree specializing in immunology, my thing a bit there. Anyway, a commenter wondered if what Peter is doing could turn into (accidental or otherwise) something like mad-cow or a prion-disease. If you had the same question, click back a page and look for the comments!

The Proposal

There is a new BONUS COMIC STORY available for $5 purchase. It is 13 pages long, illustrated. If you go back a few updates, you can see a preview of it with more details on specifics.

Up front, I want to say that anything in these bonus comics is exactly that--a bonus! An illustrated extra! Not necessary to continue reading the story. What these stories ARE is a fleshed out, close up of events that have been mentioned in passing and will never really be part of the main story. The Arc 5 extension explains a lot more of why Scot tracked down Colbey, and what was going on in the background of Driftwood. The Proposal is the story of how Peter proposed to Colbey. And it's nothing nearly as gushy as it sounds (it's rather tragic actually...). Each of them is illustrated! They're regular size comic pages with 1-4 illustrations per page, with a bit more narration.

Selling these little background stories allows me--a student--to continue to put the effort into making sure this comic updates to schedule...or even more than that. And I want everyone here to be aware of how much it MEANS to me that you guys are willing to support this story. This story is almost half way over now, and we're just getting to the good part! I'm so happy it's enjoyable enough that readers are willing to support me.

And in the case of The Proposal, all of this support is going straight into my SPRING BREAK FUND. Because I'm going to the beach, dammit, and I'm gonna have fun and not do work, but it's so faaaar away and I'm driving and I have to eat and help out with other costs.

Since this is getting rather long-winded, just once again let me say a big THANK YOU to everyone so far. When I first drafted this story I was kinda worried it wouldn't be received well, but the feedback I've gotten has been overwhelmingly positive. All purchases enter you in a raffle for another drawing too!

Click the image below to purchase! You will be forwarded to the PDF after purchase by clicking "return to donation coordinator" after check out.