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Arc 9 - N-STAC - Page 2
February 22, 2012

Vote to see the next page early! Well, we didn't make it to the top 50 over the weekend. Maybe I'll try that again at the beginning of the month. February going so fast.

EDIT: Please let me know if you are redirected upon viewing this page. Also, if the redirect came after viewing this page via a link (like from twitter). My site was attacked earlier this week, I thought I cleaned it all out, but there could still be traces.

Well, today's page is sounding a little familiar. First Colbey meets Scot (and doesn't believe him) and now Colbs meets Marlin, someone who supposedly knew Peter. Like WTF is going on? ...N-STAC. Colbey is assuming chance where there is none. Explanations are coming fast! Drawing the pages for this arc has been awesome. So much Peter! much Arthur :3

Now is a perfect time to remind you wonderful readers about the Arc 5 Extension! The events of that very nicely compliment what's going on in Arc 9. The extension is an 11-page downloadable PDF available for $5. It's the events that happened between the end of arc 5 and the beginning of arc 6, narrated by Colbey, with one illustration per page! There are still some surprises in there. Click the banner for it in the sidebar at RIGHT to purchase. You can download it instantly after buying. Events of the extension are EXTRA, and not required to understand or appreciate the story.

See you Friday! Thanks for reading.