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Arc 9 - N-STAC - Page 1
February 17, 2012

Vote to see the next page early! If we get to the top 50 by Sunday, I will update What it Takes on Monday/Wednesday/Friday next week. Vote vote vote! WiT's been hovering in the mid 60's since the start of the month.

So I finally found out what's been messing with the commenting system. I have a really old version of the program Dreamweaver, and for some reason it's been INSERTING code that I haven't put in myself. It sees an empty div or something and just...fills in the blanks? So now I know what to check for every time I open the blasted file. Ugh.

Regarding today's page, gosh, those hipsters. Forever useless! I've actually had a few conversations with some people about what types of people would survive an apocalypse. To me, it boils down to what TYPE of apocalypse. While I agree that people with military or survival training would be best suited to the environment, I also brought up the point of role-players. There are indeed people who plan and play for this sort of eventuality. Granted, it's mostly about a zombie apocalypse these days...but regardless, I think we can agree the likelihood of people without training, without even CONTEMPLATION of that eventuality, surviving long on "instinct" alone is pretty low.

But also, this is a comic and not a manual. It's supposed to be a mash up of realism and WTF.

We also get Marlin's entire backstory in a single page. ...ok, well, not quite. There's more, but it has more to do with Peter than with the Wizard himself. One word (which is actually 5): N-STAC.

Now is a perfect time to remind you wonderful readers about the Arc 5 Extension! The events of that very nicely compliment what's going on in Arc 9. The extension is an 11-page downloadable PDF available for $5. It's the events that happened between the end of arc 5 and the beginning of arc 6, narrated by Colbey, with one illustration per page! There are still some surprises in there. Click the banner for it in the sidebar at RIGHT to purchase. You can download it instantly after buying. Events of the extension are EXTRA, and not required to understand or appreciate the story.

Happy Friday!