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Arc 8 - The Whizard - Page 22
February 8, 2012

Vote to see the final page of the arc! Don't want to see it? Well, friday will be here soon. ;)

I got the feeling when I was writing this page that Colbey has wanted to rant about this since page 1. Boy was she glad to get it out in the open. Very cathartic. I guess when you don't get to talk to many people--because everyone wants to kill you--these kind of angry feelings just build up? There are some more clues here as to Arthur's character. Scrotumsack is a play on his last name. It is Colbey's pet name for him, and she's been using it a very long time. You finally get to learn what she did to him in Arc 9.

I survived two huge exam days this past monday and tuesday, I'm sick, and I'm beat. I've got one last Terry Pratchett book to read and that's what I'm doing the rest of the night. Your comments will ease the suckitude of my fever, so leave some? <3

A special welcome to SpiderForest's new members! Dark White is a fantasy comic with amazing visuals, with a perfect size archive to read while at work and not get in trouble for it. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Yes, I'm one too. Ok, yes, my synopses are strange, so am I.

Footloose, an absolutely hilarious satire that follows a group of teens around in the land of Fey, poking fun all the while at plot devices and character traits.

Gods of the Game, another comic with a perfect size archive to jump on in! Go back to 1987 when a homemade DnD becomes real life.

LeyLines, which has been on my recommended list for quite awhile! The royal scions (love that word) tackle of the mystery of their mother's death while dodging their own assassination attempts and political intrigue. And the blasted gods just won't stop interfering in everything!)

Fans of What it Takes will like SPINE, a NSFW but definitely worth the read post-apoc graphic novel. The main character Spine is trying to find a prototype technology with limitless energy.

Silent Pirate, an adorable (and silent) tale of a bullied kid who is literally slingshotted onto a pirate ship to start a new life. There are llamas.

There's hopefully one more joining us, and I will edit this news post accordingly!

Stuff to Buy

Books! So many books! Everything up to Arc 5, all autographed! Find them in the store.

The Arc 5 Extension! It's an 11-page downloadable PDF available for $5. It's the events that happened between the end of arc 5 and the beginning of arc 6, narrated by Colbey, with one illustration per page! There are still some surprises in there. Click the banner for it in the sidebar at RIGHT to purchase. You can download it instantly after buying.

Lastly, the 4K-word piece of prose titled "Six Bullets" that INSPIRED this comic. It tells the story of Christi, a desperate woman alone in a world out to get her. Still reeling from the loss of someone close to her, she is forced to enter a city for supplies. If you like this comic, you will the story, AND it has some tidbits about the end of the world that I kept in What it Takes. Click the button below to purchase for THREE DOLLARS. It will be emailed the same day of purchase.

Thanks for all the support, O wonderful readers. I will continue to pound this comic out when I should be studying for med school...but you're too awesome to leave hanging. G'night!