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Arc 8 - The Whizard - Page 15
January 13, 2012

Vote to see the next page! For those of you who didn't get the Aiel reference, here you go! Credit where credit is due, Mr. Rigney/Jordan. And this is the last page of geekery, I swear! If you don't get THIS reference, there is no helping you.

Do you make a webcomic? Are you looking to join a group of people who also make webcomics, have a community, support each other, and offer free hosting if needed (that requires no ads)? Well now. You should check out SpiderForest! We're accepting applications until January 24th. It's a great place to be, been here 5 years now, still loving it. Each year is better and better. I'm proud to be an SF webcomic creator!

So, there are STILL only 11 tickets in the raffle so far. :( This makes Kez sad. If you missed the filler on Monday, the Comic Creators for Freedom drive started! This is the third year I'm participating, and the second year where I am offering a prize for MY readers. This prize this year is an original drawing to be raffled off to those who donate to the awesome cause of supporting victims of sex trafficking. Yeah, that stuff you see on Law and Order: SVU? It happens in real life. And comic creators across the globe have joined up to create a collaborative piece of art as an incentive for donations. So, to recap, you get THAT piece of art (Colbey is in it, hurling a GIANT snowball) as well as a chance at an original piece from me. Details here!

I'm off to go read some Pratchett now. See you next Wednesday.